The Parish Churches of St. Mary and St. James, West Derby
We are glad you want your child baptised into the Christian Church.


Baptism (or Christening as it is sometimes called) is admission to Christ's Church. At baptism you say "I want to be a Christian" and "I will try to follow the example of Jesus Christ in my life." This implies committment to the church and at baptism you commit yourself as well as your child to supporting the church in its worship and work, building up the Christian family in West Derby. This means you will support the church by your presence at worship and by financial support, and that you will try and model your life-style on the example of Jesus.
If you feel you cannot make this committment you should probably not have your child baptised. God will not love your child any the less!
When you book your baptism (Monday evenings in church between 7.00 - 8.00pm excluding Bank Holidays and also closed on Monday 18th April 2011) you will be invited to a preparation meeting the month before your baptism service. This is important and the baptism will be postponed if both parents are unable to attend a preparation meeting.
The preparation meeting is normally held after the All Age Parish Eucharist on the second Sunday of each month in St Mary's Millennium Centre. At the meeting we talk about the meaning of baptism and go through the service. You will be asked to confirm the details on your application form - with names of Godparents, etc.
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