The Parish Churches of St. Mary and St. James, West Derby
We are pleased to welcome you to St. Mary’s and we shall do all we can to make sure your wedding is a happy occasion. These notes will help you as you prepare for your wedding ceremony. You will be invited to a Wedding Preparation Meeting in good time before your wedding date. The rehearsal usually takes place in the week before the wedding, but you will be advised when.
Your Banns of Marriage (the formal announcement that you intend to marry) will be taken care of automatically at St. Mary’s, but they must also be read in another parish if one of you does not live in St. Mary’s Parish. They must be read in the Church of England parish whether or not you are a member of The Church of England. This must be done and it is your responsibility! The banns are part of the legal requirements before a marriage can take place. It takes 3 Sundays for the banns to be read, after which you collect a certificate from the church and bring it to us. Do not forget! Without that certificate we cannot proceed with the wedding!  There is a charge for the certificate.
The bridegroom should arrive about 30 minutes before the service begins and be in church 15 minutes before the service begins and we recommend the bride arrives at church not less than 10 minutes before we begin.  This gives time for photographs before you enter the church. It is most important you arrive on time! The clergy and organist are likely to have other services to take following yours and it is possible that if you arrive late you will have to wait until later in the day.
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