The Parish Churches of St. Mary and St. James, West Derby
Wedding fees

Wedding fees are made up of three component parts:

Statutory fees - as required by law and the Diocese of Liverpool

Fees levied by the Parochial Church Council for such things as heating, lighting, floral displays, administration and maintenance.

Extras such as Organ and Organist, Choir and Bells.

Fees are reviewed annually by the Diocese and come into operation on 1st January each year, so the fees you pay will not necessarily be identical to those at the time of booking. This is made clear on your booking confirmation sheet.

We ask for a deposit of £100 when you book the wedding. The balance may be paid in instalments if you wish - just pop in on a
*Monday night and one of the clerks will look after you. Either way your balance should be paid by the time of your rehearsal. If the balance is to be paid by cheque it should be paid three weeks before the wedding. Cheques should be made payable to P.C.C. ST. MARY’S WEST DERBY.
*Not open on Public Holidays

The official photographer may take photographs in church if he does not use flash. Our Verger will guide him on where to stand. Other photographs are not allowed because they can spoil the service.   Do please tell your family and friends that they must not take photographs during the service.
A video may be allowed after you have signed an agreement not to broadcast or use the video commercially. The operator can stand at the back of church or to one side near the front. The operator must follow the guidance of the Verger and must not move around during the service, or use lights. It is important that you make these conditions known to the operator who must, in addition, possess a licence from the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society. We can provide you with an information sheet and you can purchase the licence via the internet.